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Find Your Building: Learn About Your Building
Click here for a chart listing all the current and former Mitchell-Lamas listed in the DHCR 2004 Annual Report of Mitchell-Lama Housing Companies -- rentals and co-ops. (The chart also includes Westgate/KSLM-Columbus Apartments, since that building led the fight against "unique or peculiar circumstances" increases.)

You will see a LEGEND at the bottom of the chart, showing which buildings are in, which are out, and which are on their way out of the Mitchell-Lama program.

are fighting a buyout, so far successfully.

If you have additional information about your building, please contact this website.

The chart shows

  • Whether your building is/was supervised by the State's DHCR or the City's HPD;

  • Whether your building received a federal mortgage subsidy under Section 236 that would entitle tenants to apply for enhanced vouchers upon leaving Mitchell-Lama;

  • The lot and block number for your building assigned by New York City -- to be used to find your documents on the City's Dept. of Finance page, ACRIS and on the more general building information site ;

  • Whether the building benefited from J-51 tax breaks, which could mean it must go into rent stabilization until those tax benefits end, and whether the building's owner took loans under the 8A program from HPD, preventing the building from leaving the program until the loan is repaid.

(The chart may suffer from typos, so please double-check!)

  • The year the building was constructed according to DHCR and

  • Your Representatives (all the way on the right side), most recently updated on December 31, 2009.

For a single site to find all NYC data about your building (including violations, tax records, property records, etc.), go to NYC Map.

Those who represent all New Yorkers are: Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and United States Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer.

Click on the names of your representatives to send them e-mail.

Posted by sue on Tuesday, September 11 @ 21:59:23 UTC (2786 reads)
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Find Your Building: Housing Survey
Use a Housing Survey in your building if you're facing a buyout. It's helpful both politically and legally:
  • to show that tenants can't afford a substantial rent increase, and will lose their homes if faced with one;
  • to show that the tenants in that building are important, contributing members of the community, and perform work useful in the city;
  • to show that the tenants contribute to the city's diversity;
  • to show the rate of rent increase in your building as compared with the rate of increase in similar buildings.

Click here for a "pdf" version of the survey, showing the layout. Or click on "read more" below for a version you can copy and paste and adapt yourself.

Posted by sue on Wednesday, August 10 @ 14:50:40 UTC (1336 reads)
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Find Your Building: Find the Documents that Control Your Building
Each building is governed by its own specific documents, including its mortgage and land use agreements, its certificate of occupancy, and perhaps documents concerning any development plan for the entire area.

Some documents, like those from the Board of Estimate, have information about how long the building must stay affordable. If your building received J-51 tax benefits, it may have to stay in Mitchell-Lama until those benefits expire or go into rent stabilization regardless of when the building was built.

Click on "Read more" below to find those documents.

Posted by sue on Monday, March 07 @ 14:33:00 UTC (2966 reads)
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For legal advice, please consult your tenant association's attorney.
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